How everything started

In the beginning the world was just uncovered and dark with no living creatures existing. One day, it sprinkled diamonds out of nowhere and molded into a silhouette of a human, with legs, arms, a body, and a face.She was named Adamas. Adamas is strong, indestructible, translucent, with little to no impurities and can scatter light of special colors. She wondered for days looking for a companion.


Source: Flickr by AndradeXcobain

She never found one, so she stopped looking and started brainstorming on what to do. She thought of getting parts from her body to produce the four main elements to construct a world where living things can survive: earth, water, air, and fire.



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Adamas mixed all the four elements and created the World. In order for Adamas to create the sun, moon, stars, plants, animals, and humans she must transform into a human being and use a limited number of diamonds that came from her former physical self to create things stated.


Source: Flickr by MichaelBilottaPhotography

There are 5 diamonds and she can only use each diamond once. She used the first diamond to create the solar system, like the sun, moon, stars, and the planets.  The second diamond is to create bodies of water and land. The third is for different kinds of plants. The fourth is to produce diverse kinds of animals. The fifth is to give birth to twins.


Source: Flickr by Rebecca C

Adamas gave birth to two mortal daughters named Sappheiros and Smaragdos. Sappheiros embodies honesty, loyalty, purity, and trust. While Smargados symbolize beauty and love. As soon as the girls got knowledgeable at the age of 5, Adamas had to cross to paradise to bring a man to the World.


Source: Flickr by Rawan Mohammad

He was named Kallos and made the three of them responsible for keeping the World beautiful and peaceful. The three of them grew up together and took care of the World and all the living creatures in it. When they were all in their 20’s Sappheiros and Smargados fell in love with Kallos.


Source: Flickr by Ronnie_smile

Kallos chose Sappheiros and they both had lots of children and grandchildren. Smargados got jealous of Sappheiros and left them. She planned to seduce all of Kallos and Sappheiros’ sons to get revenge. Adamas does not want evil to spread so when she heard about this plan she punished Smargados by locking her up in a cave.


Source: Flickr by zentrinity

Kallos and Sappheriros’ children grew up with taking care all of the plants and animals.

Twenty years have passed, when adventurers found the cave where Smargados is locked up. Upon entering the cave they released Smargados without knowing and all things evil scattered all over the World.


Source: Flickr by joshuammulligan

Adamas heard about this and that was the time she created the Underworld and made Smargados the Queen of the Underworld. All humans who do evil will enter and suffer there when they die. Whereas all good humans go to where Adamas is, Paradise.


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Note: This story is a requirement for my INTFILO class.


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